001 Bright LogoWhy Loki? Loki was recently made famous in the Marvel comic film Thor.  Loki was Odin’s adopted son and Thor’s adopted brother.  Always existing in his big brother’s shadow, Loki became the god of Mischief and the wily trickster of Norse Mythology. That’s why we’ve named our product LokiLotion!  

We are tricksters, using a magical elixir to sooth your tired, aching skin, joints and muscles. But what is the main ingredient in our lotion? Cannabis of course. Well and Love…

Are we trying to trick you?  Of course not, it’s a well and long known fact that the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties of Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, are far superior to almost any other anti-inflammatory or analgesic product on the market.  

Why is it you can’t go down to the drug store and purchase this miracle product? We’ll leave that for you to investigate. We would only ask you to try our soothing ointment on your tired, cracked, sore feet, your aching hands or the sore muscles of your  back. Just try some.  

We think it will do the ‘trick’…  Oh, and our products smell wonderful too!

Contact us today. If you’re on a smart phone, you can click/tap this link to email us at Info@LokiLotion.com, click/tap this link to phone us at 310-266-8604, or  click/tap here to get to our Contact page and leave us a quick message.  

We’re hoping to have an e-commerce store front here soon, so order a tin of our product by giving us a call, and then come back and get some through the convenience of the internet…

Thanks for stopping by!