001 Bright LogolOki Lotion believes the best advertisement is a satisfied customer. We are building both a business and a movement.  We believe in our customers, and we believe in our product. We are currently preparing for a full production environment. We also currently allow our current customers to test our product in a very unusual way. We give most of it away. We give it to our friends, we give it to the homeless on the streets of Los Angeles.

We think this is the best research and development environment that exists.

009 John 2This is John. He has a bed, but it’s on the street. Beth and I watched him while we were doing product development, interested in the home he was creating. lOki gave us the opportunity to approach him. He’d had an accident which left him unable to walk or talk. It took years for him to recuperate and rehabilitate.


We gave him some lOki and today Beth checked in on him. He had used it all up, but said it had helped him a lot. Beth said he called us his angels. This is why we will never have another corporate big time job. Right now we are broke, but we help others. It’s about the human race.


Someday the universe will bless us even more than it already has with the healing the homeless do for us. Not the other way around. @lOki #dtla

016 HandoutA hand out or a hand up? We spend part of our day delivering our salves and ointment to the homeless community.  Our little tins of lotion containing one of the greatest anti-inflammatory treatments for sore skin, joints, feet, faces and muscles are given out to people who need them the most.  


They don’t have ibuprofen, naproxin, or even aspirin.  But they do have headaches, muscle aches, sore backs, sore feet and sore hands. lOki Lotion helps.  We do what we can by handing out our little tins of soothing comfort.

010 Adella 3

February 9, 2016: lOki’s original crash test dummy turns 94 tomorrow! Thank you Adella for your endless support if lOki!


Our little tins of joy containing our soothing and good smelling ointment are our little gifts to the world. They bring balance and harmony of body and mind.  Try some, we think you’ll like it!